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Let us tell you about our core beliefs.

The Christadelphians are a worldwide community of believers in God, His son Jesus Christ, and their amazing promises to us all.

What we believe

We Believe in One God Who created and sustains all life

We Believe in the Bible Which explains Gods plan with the Earth

We Believe in Jesus Christ Who is the son of God and our saviour

We Believe in  the return of Jesus To this earth to rule as King

We Believe in God’s Kingdom Which will shortly be established on Earth

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an active, God loving family, aspiring to live God's Kingdom values in our community. Being motivated by God's word and the life and teachings of Jesus, we seek to show God's love through meaningful relationships and services.

We are committed to...

  • Being Bible based and prayer centred
  • The personal growth and participation of all members
  • Creating a welcoming environment which is accessible for all
  • Meaningful worship and quality Bible learning to support spiritual growth
  • Helping to bring about positive change in our communities, especially within our local area.
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